Frustrating mobile app issue - record editing view showing ALL HIDDEN fields - Airtable PLEASE hide them

This is the only frustrating issue I have with Airtable for so many months still no fix. I believe the fix is so simple and yet no change yet.

On the mobile app on iOS when I edit records, it shows all 450 fields I have in the table. I only have about 20 fields out of 450 that I am editing when creating or editing new record. All remaining 430 fields or so are calculated fields, automations, linked/lookup fields or concatenated fields.

I have to scroll though all 450 fields on the mobile because the app doesn’t hide the hidden fields.

Creating new exclusive view for mobile all doesn’t resolve the issue, it still shows 450 fields.

The only way would be to mess my whole table structure and move all 20 fields to front of the table, create a 20-field custom view for my mobile app and then ignore the rest when editing on the mobile app.

This approach doesn’t work. The field order has a certain logic. If I add a 21st visible field to the table, I would have to move it manually 450 steps to front of the table to make it visible in front. That’s because I can’t use the function to copy field order from another view if I setup a custom 20 field view for my mobile app.

Really, Airtable, how long it takes to do such a very simple tweak on the mobile all. Out of the wish-list (I am sure it’s long) it is hardly anyhing more simple.

I wanted to email to Airtable support, what’s the best way to let them know. Here in the forum or email?

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Hi @itoldusoandso

I hear your frustrations, I use the mobile app, too, and there are some simple fixes that can be done, that will go a long way in it’s functionality.

As to your question, I would suggest that you send a copy of this post to

Hope it works out for you!

Mary Kay

In my iOS app, when editing records, it always keeps the visible fields above the hidden fields. You can still see & edit the hidden fields, but they always remain underneath the visible fields.

Definitely not an ideal solution, but at least the visible fields all stay together at the top.

And yes, they should change this behavior.

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OK they must have changed it recently. I complained a lot of maybe they heard but this is acceptable, not pretty but fine. Great, that makes it much easier to use.

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