Full Text Search


It would be great to have a full-text search capability, but limited to a particular field. For example, find all occurrences of “Edward” in a particular multi-line text field.


Would searching on a view that only included the field of interest work?

I’m not sure what you really mean by full-text search and how you would like to invoke it.

Now, what I would really like is a lucene-style search syntax that might allow “field_name:value” where value could involve patterns, stemming, etc.

Since I’m in an “ask santa” mode, full lucene-style searches on attachments, also.


I guess creating a special purpose, one column, view would work, but I was hoping for something more general than that.

I agree with your suggestion for a “field_name: value” search syntax. That would be great. I have no particular need to search attachments, but I certainly wouldn’t want to stand in the way of you searching them. :slight_smile:


For anyone else looking at how to limited search to a particular field ?

I’ve implemented a web application search by fetching a specific Airtable Table and then indexing the result by a particular field (i can more fields if needed).

It works pretty well for a order client here on fiverr : https://www.fiverr.com/newpixjob/set-up-a-airtable-workspace-and-build-a-custom-app-and-forms

Check out the demo here :