[Gallery View] How do you show different fields in preview vs expanded view?

How do you show different views when you expand a card vs in preview mode? This is specifically for the gallery view. For example, I want to show fewer fields in the preview of the card and more fields when you click to expand that specific card.

Also, if a field doesn’t have info, is it possible to create a filter that removes unanswered or empty fields?

Welcome to the community, @Danielle_Dawkins! :smiley: Airtable’s Gallery view has a “Customize cards” button on its main view toolbar. That’s where you control which fields appear on the card. When expanding the card, some fields (like long text fields) will show their full contents, but it’ll still those same fields. There isn’t a way to specify a different set fields to show in the full expanded view vs the initial card.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to hide empty fields. View filters only control which records are shown for that view.

Thanks Justin, appreciate the help!

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