Gant charts and reporting

hi, I want to be able to create a report with a gant chart across workspaces (between tabs), can i do that?


Table 1 - project 001
contains info on the status and due dates for different tasks related to that project

Table 2 - project 002
contains info on the status and due dates for different tasks related to that project

I want to grab the status and due dates between these tabled and created a report and gant chart, is that do-able?


Welcome to the community, @Julie-Ann_Sommervill! :smiley: Technically this can be done using another table as a place to aggregate info from other projects, but there are some drawbacks that stem from the fact that your projects are spread across multiple tables. I suggest reconsidering your base design and putting all projects into a single table, using a {Project} link field pointing to a [Projects] table to tie tasks to specific projects.

Thank you Justin!

We have different projects like one for each program or website…essentially we need to track different items like web writing, publishing, etc for each program. Not sure how it would work to have one table for each project? Can you expand on that pls? I added a task tab (table) and linked it to a specific program project, is that what you mean by linking it from a separate tabl;e? So are you saying that i could have a table that grabs info from other tables from the linking to record option? I created a overall status record in project A with a note field for adding notes about the overall status. I did the same for project B. Then i created a separate table and linked the overall status for each project. The only thing is that I have to actually click on the “overall status” to see the notes. Is there a way to link to the notes and due dates from the different projects and create a gant chart?

Much appreciated your support and advice!

I wasn’t suggesting one table for each project. I was just going off what you said in your original post:

To me that says you already have a table for each project, which is not what I recommend. Did I read that incorrectly?

Pretty much. It sounds like you set it up correctly. To give a bit more detail than I did before, you’d have a [Tasks] table for recording all tasks across any project, with each task linked to a specific project record in a [Projects] table.

You made an “overall status record” in which table? The tasks table? If so, that’s not where such a record belongs. In my mind, all top-level notes about a given project belong on the project’s record in the [Projects] table. For example, each project record would have fields for things like {Status}, {Start Date}, {End Date}, etc. If you want to keep a history of the changes to each project’s status, then you might consider a [Project Notes] table, where each note ties into a specific project, and the project record is set up to only show the most recent note.

As for the Gantt chart side of things, I’ll have to defer to others. I’ve not used the Gantt chart features myself.

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