Gantt-Block Slack

Hi there!

I see that if you change the end date of a predecessor to end later than the start date of any of its successors, the start dates of those successors will change automatically. However, I’m curious if there’s a way to do two other things.

  1. Automatically compress the time between variables to start the next day. For instance, say I’m eager to make a cake and two of my variables are making the batter (which takes me 2 days) and baking the cake (which takes me 1 day). If currently taking the batter is on Monday and baking the cake is on Friday is there a way to shrink this time, so baking the cake would start as soon as making the batter wraps up. Or do I have to do that manually?

  2. Automatically have a successors move up in time when you move a predecessor up in time. So, once the two variables are happening the next day. So making my batter would start on Monday, it would take me two days, and then baking the cake would start on Wed. Say then, the kitchen opens up earlier and I’m able to make the batter on Sunday instead of Monday, if I shift make the batter to Sunday is there a way to automatically shift bake the cake on Wed up to Tuesday, or does that have to be done manually?

Thanks so much! Hoping to learn some shortcuts that will save me massive amounts of time.

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