Gantt Chart ( start date end date display )

Can you add a start date and finish date to the left side of the Gantt Chart
this is really critical for a easy to read document for projects

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Hello @Site_Team!

There isn’t an elegant way to do this like you’re looking for, but you could use a formula in the record’s primary field to add the date into the name displayed on the far left. That being said, the Gantt chart is very difficult to read when you are talking about more than a few records. Adding grouping in to the mix only exaggerates the issue.

Is it ever planned to for this feature to exist ???

This is a basic requirement for Gantt


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I agree with you! Airtable has been focused on large new features such as automations and custom blocks. So no progress has been made on any of the blocks recently. My guess is that they are turning over block improvements to the community now that Custom Blocks can be built.

I hope they will come back to their native blocks and make significant improvements. Or make them all open source. I have a lot of other comments on the Gantt block!!

Ok, ok, ok, Airtable made an update to the Gantt App without any fanfare!

I’m not sure when this happened and I may have missed it earlier, but there is a new setting called “Label Field”. It allows you to select which field the record is labeled by! You could use a formula to concatenate the completion date to the beginning of any field you want to label the records by. This should accomplish your goal.

I know it isn’t perfect, but that one change is a major upgrade for me!! I wish they had the same in the flowchart app.

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