Gantt Chart Table Setup

I am trying to set up a base to manage workload for 7 project managers, each with 6-10 projects. Design & Construction industry. I want to track the time from “Designer Selection” to “Designer under Contract,” “Schematic Design Start” to “Design Development Start,” “Design Development Start” to Construction Document Start," “Construction Document Start” to “Construction Document Approval,” and “Bid Opening” to “Construction Complete.” Right now I have a table that has each project in a row and columns for each of the dates.

When I create the Gantt Chart block, it only gives me one option for a duration for each project.

What am I doing wrong?

Yes, that’s how a Gantt Chart works — you can only have one set of dates per record (row).

What you’ve listed as different date fields are really different records (rows) — your records (rows) need to be “Designer Selection”, “Designed Under Contract”, “Schematic Design”, etc.

Then, you would only have 2 columns for each row: “Start Date” and “End Date”.

And since you have multiple sets of these “milestones” for multiple different projects for multiple different project managers, you’re gonna need to get into some intermediate-to-advanced level designing of your system here, in terms of linking project managers to projects to “milestones”.

These 2 tutorial videos don’t go into any of that advanced stuff, but they do give a good beginner’s overview of the Gantt block:

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