Gantt Chart WITHOUT dates/deadlines

How can I use the Gannt Chart feature when our tasks don’t start or end on a specific date? I run a general contracting company and no incoming project starts on the same date. Furthermore, not all projects are the same, so alternative tasks might need to be triggered based on the circumstance. The only dates used are follow-up after X amount of days and schedule dates. Suggestions?

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If there are no start & end dates, then it’s not a Gantt Chart. Sounds like what you’re looking for is Kanban view, which is one of your view options in Airtable.

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Thank you @ScottWorld. I’m confused about how Gantt charts can work when multiple projects have a different timeline of events. I know Gantt is what we need in order to have dependencies work on our base. But if what you are saying is true about dates, how are projects with dependencies and tasks tracked?

I could use the incoming project date (the initial request) as the start date how can you determine the dates for the next dependency task? Since most of the tasks typically depend on previous task completion or information from a 3rd party can the end (or follow update) be set at X number of days?

Are you required to change this every time a new project comes in?
How are you able to specify an alternative step, since these happen a lot in the construction industry?

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