Gantt in Dashboard

I previously used the Gantt app within a dashboard. The app allowed the user to click into a record on the Gantt app and edit the record. The user could also drag the bar on the app interface to set dates or duration for the record.

After the Gantt app was changed to a view, we could no longer use the Gantt app. Instead we used the Embed app to make a Gantt view visible within a Dashboard. This works reasonable well with one exception. The user can click on the record and view the contents, just that no-one can edit the record nor drag the bar to change the dates.

Is there a work around to make embedded view behave like the older Gantt app?

I have been using the Embed app to place Gantt views into a dashboard. While this is somewhat acceptable, I am finding some issues:

  • Sometimes the Embed app it does not display the Gantt view, error message instead. Seems like it has to do with the length of a label. The Gantt view itself looks just fine and fully functional, just not via a dashboard.
  • The previous functionality of the Gantt app is not possible via the Embed app. The user cannot change dates by dragging/resizing the bars via the Embed app, can only be done via the view. Sometimes this is preferred. Changes requires a user to navigate away from the dashboard back to the view to make the change.
  • The Embed app does not auto refresh when the user has made a change in the Gantt view.

My suggestion is to re-enable the Gantt app where it simply pulls from the view. Make it so that Creators can set as “view only” or “interactive”. Interactive means that users with permission can make changes by dragging the bars or editing the record in the dashboard app. Lastly, the app should auto-refresh if anyone makes a change in the view or directly on the dashboard Gantt app.

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