GANTT - Re-order milestones with the same due date

Does anyone know what determines the order of records structured as milestones in the GANTT view? Right now, if two milestones have the same due date, one seems to arbitrarily stack on top of the other in the GANTT view. Does anyone know what dictates this order? Is it not possible to sort records in the GANTT view?

Also - does critical path not highlight when GANTT views are organized with grouping? I can’t seem to get it to work when I group by project category and then by project.

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Hello @Noah_Steinberg!

So after a little investigation, I realized the Gantt view’s milestones that occur on the same date will by default be sorted by the order that those records were originally created in that table.

For your question regarding sorting—the order of records in Gantt view cannot be changed arbitrarily, the default order of records is determined by their start date, with the earliest start dates at the top, and the latest at the bottom as follows:

If you decide to group the records, then the sort order that’s applied will depend on the field type you’re grouping by:

  • Text fields are sorted alphabetically
  • Numeric fields are sorted in ascending order
  • Date fields are sorted in chronological order

With a select field (either multiple select field or single select field), then the sort order will be determined by the order of select options in that field. You can change the order of your select options in the “Group by” field to change the order of groups in the Gantt view (note that you’ll need to refresh the app to see these changes).

Let me know if I can help provide any more information, and if this helped answer your question please mark it as the solution :white_check_mark:.

Hey Rose,

Thank you for the comprehensive answer. It would be helpful if tasks occuring on the same date were sorted according to which tasks they are linked to, so that grouped tasks (by project, in my case) aren’t jumbles of linked tasks all crossing over each other (and thus not visually distinguishable from one another).

Love the new feature otherwise!



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Thank you for the feedback @Noah_Steinberg! I’ll make sure to pass it along. :slight_smile:

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