Gantt view for a Day full of tasks

We have a monthly weekend project that includes many tasks within a 24 hour window, starting at a large variety of times. While a Gantt is more geared towards longer term projects, it would still be nice to be able to see the Gantt offer the ability to drill down to a day view, and then display based off of all the start/end times.

Hi @Ray_Perez, and welcome to the community!

I don’t believe the new Gantt view feature supports this level of data granularity but totally possible if you can craft it in Vega-Lite. In the Airtable version, one day is the smallest possible task range, whereas, in Vega it’s millisecond-level precision.

  "$schema": "",
  "title": "Class Schedule",
  "width": "container",
  "height": "container",
  "mark": "bar",
  "encoding": {
    "y": {
      "field": "Class Name",
      "type" : "nominal"
    "x": {
        "timeUnit": "yearmonthdatehours",
        "field": "Start Date",
        "type": "ordinal"
    "x2": {
      "timeUnit": "yearmonthdatehours",
      "field": "End Date"
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Very nice workaround! With the current Gantt view limitations, this option should work. I just installed the app and set the necessary field for my base, and it worked like a charm. Never previously worked with Vega-Lite. Is it possible to force it to use a 12-hour format, instead of a 24-hour format? I was searching around the Vega-lite documentation, but wasn’t yet able to locate how to force the format.

Yes - there’s a way. It’s probably going to require a transformation, so read up on that feature as it really sits at the core of all data handling.

Thanks for the assist, Bill. Most appreciated!