Gantt view: For tasks that are less than a day long


I’m trying to set up a Gantt view for our team. The tasks are primary deliveries which last less than a day, and in the view the task is a block that spans the entirety of the day. Not sure if this can be changed to specific slots to show the portion of the day!

Added context: my start and end dates are computed (formula) fields. Screenshots of the view and the formulas are below.

Thanks in advance :))

Unfortunately the Gantt view doesn’t support display of time blocks that are less than a whole day. The new timeline view is the same way. I recommend reaching out to Airtable support directly (in the app: Help → Contact support) to request support for sub-day blocks. There’s no telling when/if they’ll add such support, but it’s still worth asking.

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Thanks so much @Justin_Barrett !

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