Gantt view/Gantt chart capability


Gantt Charts with date AND Time in Airtabkle would be fabtastic and knocks out all the gantts out there without the TIME feature.!!


I agree, waiting for the gantt in AT! :slight_smile:


Did this get built? Would love love a gnatt chart view!!!


really need this feature!


I’d love a Gantt view but at least allowing us to use a date range instead of a single date in the calendar to show tasks spanning multiple dates would be adequate for the time being. At the moment I find the calendar view a bit limited for my own use, and just giving us the option for a “start” & “end” date would make a big difference.


Another vote from me! A good start could be to introduce a timeline, and then add gantt functionality later…


We have invested a ton of money in airtable - it runs and automates our entire business, but we are forced to use the terrible UI of smartsheet because we need Gant charts to manag3e the projects. - should we invest time and money into smartsheets or will airtable implement gant charts soon?



I’m echoing the request for a gannt view. Our entire team is getting ready to convert to Airtable, but without a gannt view, I will still be forced to export to smartsheet. Would love to fully integrate with Airtable.


Is GANTT still a missing feature in 2018?
We want GANTT :wink:


We want Gantt Charts too.


everyone want Gantt, I know you guys can do it for us, please


What do we want? "GANTT CHARTS!!!"


200% agreed here! We need a mix of the calendar and kanban functionality and Gantt view would be perfect for visualizing/planning steps on multiple projects at once. Our company is currently using AT for almost everything except this, which currently lives on a nearly illegible spreadsheet despite it being maybe the most important data vis tool for our production process!


Adding my vote to the addition of a GAANT view


Adding one more vote for a Gantt chart!!!


plus one for gantt pls


When is this getting built?? Awesome software but a major blocker for my company


I don’t think AT will add gantt view.


Another vote for Gantt view here. Our company is evaluating software and I lost my quest to implement Airtable solely because it doesn’t have Gantt. We’re going with SmartSheet instead.

Why Airtable don't build Roadmap , Gantt, Milestone?

I have a small empire built with Smartsheet. Love AirTable and some functionality, I know, will arrive at some point (fonts, font formatting, decent printing, etc.) but the no gantt view is a deal breaker right now for me. I tried to do it, I really did, but having to use a different tool for that was no bueno. Still on Smartsheet.

Did a little compare post on Smartsheet and Airtable as of now a week or so ago >>