Gantt view/Gantt chart capability


Well said. I agree with pretty much everything, though being able to link to other bases and a more granular user permission is key for my use. I am a little concerned with the pace of Airtable updates and don’t know when/if they will make the changes you highlighted.

I am looking into Smartsheets now as an Airtable alternative because I have been waiting on Airtable forever.


I guess the answer to this is kinda found in blocks with timeline. Ofcorse, it’s at start, without the usefull options, but it looks like a step forward. Hope to see it grows as it’s one of the powertools of classic PM.


Nice job. Wrapping text got better now since the use of adjustable row height. But it also has a drawback: all records get the same adjusted row height. Being a spreadsheet fan, I like the fact that only the row with much text is enlarged. This is not (yet) possible in Airtable.


Plus for this feature. Would be great to add gantt


We don’t need just a gantt view! The awesome thing about Airtable is that it allows you to organize and view data any way you want. The timeline is a great start because it’s the foundation of a gantt view, but imagine being able to group the records in there like you’re able to in other views (e.g. calendar view). You can group by a collaborator field to get a gantt view. You can group by different projects, or by statuses — anything! So… adding grouping and sorting in the timeline block will give us a gantt view and soooo much more!


Technically this issue is solved by the new Blocks feature, but the Gannt chart on there is not near sophisticated enough for our needs. Please, Airtable, add it as another view!


totaly agree with you !

A gantt view would do this job way better than a block


Yes! Gantt view would be awesome!


Oh men that’d be amazinh!


Agree - with a Gantt view you basically will no longer need tools like Asana or Wrike. The “timeline” block in its current incarnation is just not sufficient. It’s too limited.


Gantt chart view is the Only thing I’m missing in Airtable to make it an all-in-one solution. I’m in construction and need to see the Critical Path for my projects… would really love not to have to use another product in order to achieve this. Thank you!!!


Isn’t Timeline block pretty much a gantt chart?


The timeline view doesn’t order tasks in a hierarchy as you would in a Gantt chat. It looks very confusing when there are multiple sets of top-level and sub-tasks. However this doesn’t feel too far away from a useful Gantt. I’m hoping Airtable’s product team are working on a tweak that would enable a real Gantt view - we would increase our usage of Airtable significantly if they did.


Agreed. My company is obsessed with Excel and Smartsheet. I’m the only Project person that uses AirTable. AirTable is distinctly lacking in some areas, and out performs in a lot of other areas. Gantt is one of the flaws of AirTable.


Adding gantt functionality in anyway would take airtable to the next level (i.e. convert SmartSheet’s market share) for several reasons.

For Airtable: People who use gantt’s are project and program managers.

Add the Gantt that attracts project and program managers and get exponential sales opportunities with zero time invested for adding leads in a pipeline. They will do your selling.

  • Project Managers typically lead a project which includes a team of people. They have heavy influence on team members and stakeholders, as well as budget to get the project done. This means, if they like a certain tool (e.g. Airtable, Smartsheet, Maven, BaseCamp, etc.), especially if it has a Gantt, they purchase the subscriptions (10-30 people).

  • Program Managers organize and equip a “project of projects” (over simplified), and if they have a tool that can help them predict and coordinate timing, budgets, and quality between project teams (Gantt is a must for this), they will make the purchasing decision for all the projects (30-100 people).

About me: I have over 10 years of program management experience trained at the number 1 school in the nation for this. I’ve applied it from government contracting to starting 2 for-profit and a non-profit successfully on time and on budget for stakeholders (investors and partners). The scopes of our projects reached beyond $100M. I speak with authority on the ROI opportunities this holds for Airtable and for their client’s success. Please feel free to reach out for any questions or followup. M


What the title says. This is critical for my team to present relevant project timelines to clients. Does anyone know if Airtable is working on this?


This is also one of the major hang ups of getting our design team to use airtable. They require a gantt view, a simple one. Basically, something that would show 10-15 projects as records and the other fields would be dates [weekly increments would be fine] with bars showing the period of time different aspects of each project last (e.g. design, editorial, production).


This is a feature that is in high demand by my team and we would love to have the option in Airtable to view projects in a Gant chart.


+1 for a Gantt chart feature!


Has anyone looked at using a zapier or other integration solution? If so, could you suggest what might work on the other end of the pipe?