Gantt view/Gantt chart capability


+1 for the GANTT Chart


+1 for GANTT CHART!!!

I will look into a solution using Zapier and get back to you Ripwit.


+1 Vote! Will be killer feature!


Critical for me too.


+1 Agreed! We would really appreciate a gantt chart view!


I gantt get enough of Airtable!


Agreed with this - we need gantts


Gantts is necessary! Please, built it! would be a game changer.


Coming here to look for a reason why Gantt charts haven’t been implemented - it’s a strange omission. I’ve been using the Timeline block for this project, and it’s extremely clunky. You want your timeline to be fullscreen and easily accessible, alongside the other views (Kanban, Calendar, List, etc). You don’t wan’t it shoved into a small box off in a side panel, hidden behind a button. While you can expand the timeline to full screen, all the extra friction it takes to find the timeline, and open it up to a usable view has made our timeline completely invisible to the rest of the team. You can’t even link directly to the timeline, which makes it hard to share in Slack. (I’ve had to keep taking updated screenshots to post to the group.) No one on my team has thought to look for the timeline hidden behind the “Blocks” button, (no one even understands what blocks are) no matter how clearly I explain how to access the timeline.

The simplest fix is to simply have the timeline be a first class citizen and promote it into Views, alongside Kanban, Calendar, List, etc. As a user, it’s not at all clear why Kanban is a view but Timeline is a block, or even why there’s an arbitrary distinction. It doesn’t make sense, and it adds unnecessary friction both to my workflow and to the rest of my team’s ability to stay in sync with the schedule.

I love everything else about Airtable but all the friction involved with timelines has made this a “write-only” repository of tasks.

  • another vote from me. We NEED Gantt charts.


+1 vote for this feature.


another vote from me. We NEED Gantt charts.
(plagiarizing Matt_Jones)


Another vote for Gantt. I don’t really like them but others NEED them.


+1 on Gantt. It’s actually odd that request as been there for two years with no updates from Airtable on this. Does anyone know if it’s on a timeline somewhere?


It will happen eventually. And when it does, I hope the Airtable team takes a solid look at Asana Timeline and Instagantt. They have their strengths and weaknesses, and we’d love to bail on both.

A huge thing for us is the ability to duplicate past projects/views and “push” them forward into the future by X days. This is a huge efficiency for any project planning team.

Even more powerful would be some sort of actualization AI, that is smart enough to reschedule dates in a way that avoids weekends, holidays and other non-working days. That is a shortcoming of all PM apps I’m aware of.


+1 on Gantt chart. Asana and Instagantt have a great solution already. Would welcome a third party integration if Airtable is having a difficult time setting up in house…


+100! I’d move en masse from Asana, Jira, and everything else if Airtable had this.


Airtable told me that gantt functionality will be coming in “a couple months”. I would love if they could comment letting us know what the date is and to join the beta testing.

I’m in the process of changing my job right now. The office we’re seeing up could ONLY use airtable if gantt charts were part of the package. For some reason this is not the case. We might buy a year of another software if I am not given clearer timelines to convince my coworkers of airtable!


+1 for Gantt chart functionality too!! I need this tool for my work.


Yep. Trying to use Airtable to build a Gantt timeline right now, but it just doesn’t cut it. Any movement from Airtable on this? I haven’t seen any response at all from the company in spite of this options’ popularity!