Gantt view/Gantt chart capability


+1 to Gantt and dependencies please


+1 for Gantt feature request!!

Great News!


+1 for Gantt. I’ve been implementing Airtable in a number of companies, but can’t fully use for product development due to this massive gap. Please prioritize!!


+1 for Gantt (promoted into Views, alongside Kanban, Calender, List etc.).


+1 for Gantt block
The timeline block is far less useful without an option to group entries together


what about timeline block?


Timeline block is a step in the right direction but I really need to have a view that i can share with clients without them needing to login, as I can with normal views. I believe it is not possible to share the timeline block in this way, it it?


So if it became possible to:

  1. have a column in your table reference another row
  2. have another column in your table, be able to reference a specific column from the referenced row

Then you would be able to accomplish this like so with the columns (task, duration, automatic start date, automatic finish date) and a work day of 5 hours.

However, as point 2 is not possible, and lookup is not possible for items in the same table, and as formulas don’t support such referencing, then this method is not possible.


Giving Airtable the benefit of the doubt that they’re actively working on this, I have a few sub-feature requests for this feature.

  • Milestones: I have dates in my table that show the progression of the project. For example, quote date, production date, ship date, date invoiced. Instead of a simple date beginning and date end, milestones should be added to show more detailed project progress against the expected/estimated timeline.
  • SIngle-select “Order”: This is almost another feature request entirely, but being able to stipulate “order” in a single-select field would be very helpful. For example, it could show that the status of “quote sent” would come before “invoice sent” in a project timeline. This would help for any application, not just a gantt view.
  • Another reason why the gantt block should be a view is because of its lack of manipulatability. I should be able to sort, filter, and share the view in the same way I would a Kanban or gallery. Very frustrating that this is treated like a second-class citizen in the Airtable society.

Airtable, please fix this! It’s the only thing impeding the adoption of your product by many organizations.


It’s been a few months. I hope it’s soon!!


+1 for Gantt functionality - critical :sunglasses:


+1 for Gantt functionality - most frustrating thing about the platform now.