Gantt View per Team

Hi all!

Working on a project where I have different tables:

  • Events
  • People

I create an event that has a start date and an end date.
After creating the event, I add the event team by adding team members (table.people) to a linked field.
In order to see who is added to an event, I would like to create a Gantt view that has the following layout:

  • Event shown from start date to end date
  • When collapsing the event, each team member is shown separately, also with the start and end date

I cannot seem to setup this view.
Got as far as displaying the Gantt with the ‘full team’ (showing all team members linked to the event in one field, instead of the team showing separately).
Is there a workaround for this?

Hi @Ruben_D_Hooghe

I managed to find some help documents about the Gantt feature.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

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