Gather feedback from "Formula for a prefilled form/Kuovonne" in diff table

Hello there,

Thanks in advance for your time reading this.
We do have a database where we integrated the app Kuovonne which provides a formula for a pre-filled feedback form. We can use a specific link/URL that we send to the person who should provide their feedback related to a specific record.

Unfortunately the feedbacks show up in the same database, so we have lot of duplicates.

Do you have an idea how we can collect them in a different sheet in the same database?

Thanks a lot for your help!
Reg. Sabine

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A form creates new records in its own table/sheet. If you want the new records to appear in a different table/sheet, you need a form in a different table/sheet. The prefilled form app can use the values from one table/sheet to prefill values in a form for a different table/sheet, as long as the values are compatible. In fact, this is the most common use case.

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