General question about the Barcode field


Hi all! :smile:

It seems there is not much information about the Barcode type of field.

I’m currently populating a very detailed [Products] table in one of my base.
It’s detailed in the description of the items (many fields), but the items are very limited in numbers.

To be as complete as I can be with this table, I’ve added a Barcode field.
And since then, I’m wondering what I could do with.

My general question about the Barcode field is simply :

What can or can’t be done, within Airtable, with a Barcode field in its actual form?
Is it useable in formulas ? (IF({Barcode},then something, otherwise...)), Linked records ? Look-up fields, etc… ?
Does a Barcode field always require the use of an autamation service to be useful ?

I’ve got a [Things to buy] «under construction» table in that same base, not yet linked the the [Products] table as I first want to populate it.

Reading threads here, I assumed that if I wanted to populate my [Things to buy] «scanning» a barcode with my phone, I’ll need to use Zapier or another automations service, am I right ?

Many big thanks in advance to person(s) who will answer my maybe too vague questions :smile: :wink: !