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I have integrated Airtable with Zapier. Every time I create a new record in Zapier, an email is sent to certain colleague with a report of the contented of the new record.

I would like that inside the email that is generated will be a link to the single record, if possible, I would like that the record will open in expanded view. This will allow the receiver to do a specific action on the single record, in my case, approve or reject the proposal and leave a short comment.

It is possible to do this in Airtable?

Hi @Cristiano_Volpi! Welcome to the community!

This is definitely possible. The easiest way, at least in my opinion, is to right click on any record and choose “Copy Record URL”.

Then, head over to Zapier and paste it in to your email. It should look something like…

The last part of the URL, in bold, is the Record ID. Delete this from the link, and replace it with the Record ID variable in Zapier. The link should now lead to the expanded view of the record in question.

One caveat: The above will only work for those who have full access to the base. If you’re sending the emails to anyone who has access via a private share link, you’ll want to modify the URL to reflect that.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much ! It works perfectly!

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