Generating Custom Reports


Hello, Are their any plans in the new future to expand the Page Designer so we can create custom reports with multiple records on one page like in FileMaker Pro? It looks like folks have been asking for this feature for years. Would love to for example create a format that generates a book of all my databases. Airpress is a little complicated for us folks that don’t know how to code. Looking forward to everyone’s feedback.

Thak you!


Seconding this feature request. Airtable is great, love it. But, it is severely lacking in reporting and that is a key feature of a database. I’m not sure our company can migrate to Airtable any further absent a reporting tool that can process multiple records.

Any update on this long requested feature?

Thank you!



I concur but need to use at least 20 characters to express that.


Agree. Query and reporting is a function that would be necessary for us to migrate. Business data in the board room requires a professional presentation.