Generating Emails Based on Record Data


Hey Everyone,

I’m really new to using Airtable, most of my experience in productivity software has been with programs like Omnifocus where AppleScript was a possibility. What I’m looking to achieve (and I’m not sure if it is possible) is to find a way to generate emails to contacts using data from the record filling placeholders. For instance, this is how my Omnifocus task is setup now:

“Congratulations on the purchase agreement for your property at <> Your agent <> <> and I are both super excited to get started on this process for you, feel free to reach out to me at any point for help or questions. Don’t worry, you’re not being passed off, in fact, I’m a licensed agent too, I just happen to work in the office more than I work in the field.”

Is there a way to generate an action button for a record where you can email the associated contacts and have the fields from that record fill in the blanks? Right now I have applescript that tells Omnifocus to pull information from Numbers and then use it to generate a new email but I really like some of the OTHER features that Airtable offers and would love to see if I can achieve the same process here.

Thanks in advance for any/all of the help!