Generating QR-Code of a Database entry


Should be possible to have a field for a QR-Code generating the information of an entry


Another thread already exists discussing this exact topic :

and you may find one solution thanks to this reply and Zapier :

Another solution may be to use a script through the Chrome plugin Blockspring. It seems a little out of update and I never used this system, but you can find some info and examples in this video :

Good luck :wink:


Hi Loic! I’ve never seen a “Script” button in Airtable, nor can I find reference to it… Would be curious to know how you came upon it? Thanks!


Hi Peter,
The “Script” button is part of the Blockspring plugin. It’s apparently made for Google Chrome and uses APIs from different services to trigger actions and Python as the main scripting language.

The idea is to be able to create add-ons for different services without the need to subscribe to something like Zapier or to have a dedicated server to run the tasks.
All the scripts run on your machine in Chrome.

As mentioned previously, I’ve never used this plugin. The only downfalls I can see are the apparent lack of a community (the web page does not work) and their GitHub has not seen any update since December 2017.

Hoping these pieces of information are of any help :slight_smile:


Thanks Loic! That’s a great help! I need to give it try. I’ll post here once I have results.