Generating start date based on another record's end date

I am using the Gannt app, would like to set up a project table in which the records build upon each other according to dependencies; e.g.:

  • Start date of record 2 is based on end of record 1.
  • End date of record 2 is based on start date + duration.
  • Then start date of record 3 is based on end date of record 2, etc.
    I have succeeded in getting the end date for a single record to calculate based on start date + duration. However, I am stumped in trying to get the start date for the next record to react to end date from a previous record. My thought was to use my dependency column, but using a formula such as “WORKDAY({Name (from Dependency)}, {Duration}” gives me an error “Can’t save field because it causes a circular reference”.

Any ideas for a solution?

Many Thanks!

You can read more about circular references on the support website.

One workaround is to create a gap in the circular logic and then find a way to bridge that gap, either manually or with code. I do not recommend automations for this because you can burn through automation runs too quickly.

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