Geo-location from cell phone?

Is there a way, in a form, to collect the lat-long of the location where someone is (say, from their cell phone) when they upload a photo? Or at least is there a data field format for lat-long?

I’m also interested in a time stamp data field, but I only see date, and time modified - I want the user to input the time they recorded the data.


I just realized a form view is not available on Android - that is really where I wanted the cell phone to be able to just work through a few fields, upload a location, and then snap a photo.


The form view can’t be used directly in the Airtable mobile app. You’ll need to open the form in a mobile browser to use it.

Airtable has a “Created Time” field that you can add to your table. It will automatically record a timestamp when the record is created, including records made by filling out a form.

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