Get all entries from one year ago

I have a table with a lot of webshop orders in it.

how can I make a view with all orders made to-date a year ago?
So I can compare Christmas sale from last year with the sale this year to date.

is there a function that checks for order date one year ago and back for example

Hi Morten !

You should be able to create any date filtered view you need using two “tools” :

1) Filtered views : add two filters : start_date and end_date
2) Formula fields : use it to calculate a “virtual date” like this : DATEADD({OriginalDate}, -1, "year")
(source and list of Date/Time functions available in formulas)

Please tell me if you are able to create the view you need

Airtable Consultant

off course - I can set an end date 365 days from now. wow, just in front of me… thank you

You are welcome ! :slight_smile:


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