Get average of test results for each item from another table

I set up a database to help me organize battery cells and figure out which are good and bad. I have a table for each make & model’s rated specs, a table with the results for the each battery cell’s capacity test (each test is a record and a battery cell can have multiple tests/records) and a table for each battery cells’ details & summary. In the battery cells detail table I want a field for each battery cell that is populated with the average result of all it’s capacity tests from the capacity tests table. How do I achieve this?

P.S. - The value in question from the capacity test table is a number/integer (i.e., 2400).

You will need to manually link each battery record to all of its battery test records (using a linked record field).

Then you can create a Rollup field to give you the average of all its battery tests.

Thanks! That did the trick exactly. I was originally trying do to this using the formula field type and FIND and LEFT commands, but got nothing but errors.

Thanks again.

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help!

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