Get common fields on 2 databases

I am trying to build a software for investment realestate.
I have 2 data bases. One is my buiding the other is my clients.
I want to see : 1) For one building all my relative clients and 2) For one client all my relative buidings
There are 5 common criterias for each client and each buildings.
These criteria are %, and text fields which are choose among a multiple choice
Ie A client can search Office, wharehouse etc… But a building has alway on main destination Whare house (sometime 2 but it is rare)
How can I match that in air table ? Is it possible ?
Thanks for helping

Hi Francois! If I’m reading this right, it looks like the solution you are looking for can be achieved by using a linked field. See this example base:

Is this what you’re going for?

Yes Thank you. I understand for th link. But what I want is an automatical matching on common records and fields of the 2 databases and I dont know if AT is able to d-o that without script.

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