Get multiple records by their IDs (batch)

Hi all,

I have 5000 records and there is one deleted that I need to find.

I loop over the the records IDs 100 at a time to see if I get all 100 returned.

On this forum I found 2 approaches using filterByFormula to get multiple records for multiple IDs

  • filterByFormula = 'SEARCH(RECORD_ID(), "'.implode($ids, ',').'") != ""'
  • filterByFormula: "OR(RECORD_ID() = 'reca9IDlX0gvu32ml', RECORD_ID() = 'recgh3XeMcdmX8uPj', ...)"

some questions

  1. is this the best way to find deleted records
  2. should I use filterByFormula, and if so, which formula is “lighter” for airtable to process
  3. should I use a different kind of filter (AFAIK the batch API is only meant for create / update / delete and not for reading)



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