Get record name instead of id - via API using Python

I’m using Python API Wrapper.

When I use get() method to retrieve a record that contains a ‘Link to Another Field’ Column, the method returns the linked record ID. I would like to get the linked record name instead. My next step will be to do a 2nd operation to look up each record (by id) and get the name. But I wonder if there is an easier way that I’m overlooking.

If not, any recommendations about an efficient way to do this with Python / Pandas would be appreciated.

Hi @Matt_Kennedy1,

I think this is because Airtable into “link to” fields stores the record id even if we see the data.
What I recommend is to create a formula field that with ArrayJoin({linked to filed}) function inside. This will convert it to text so you can request this field with get() function.

Does it work for you?


Yes - this works. I was hoping to avoid adding the extra fields for all the tables I’m working with, but it isn’t too bad so far. Thanks!

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