Get shareable link to an individual record

Would love the ability to share an individual record by URL and to control the permissions on who can access the record with that link {anyone with the link, any logged in Airtable user with the link, specific Airtable users}.



Requested similar here: Embed/link to individual records

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I’d appreciate sending a summary of paiements and amount due to each member of our association by email and let them have a link for the next time.

This feature is definitely on our radar.

A short-term solution would be to email a record, or to create a new view with only one record in it and share that (perhaps you could make this view with only one record in it by making a checkbox field?).

How would having the ability to send out shareable links to single records fit into your workflow? Would you want to send out one record at a time to a few different people occasionally, or would you be doing in in huge batches and want it to be semi-automated (as these would be two different design experiences)?

Can’t speak for the OP but I would add the link to weekly emails to staff in our database to get them to check/update a subset of fields (so batch and automated, ideally available through the API) for their own record. I don’t want/need each staff member to have an Airtable account.

Hi Katherine-

Thanks for following up.

I would usually want to share records by links to a few different people occasionally. Often I would be embedding the link to the record in other online tools (Google Documents, emails, etc.), and would want to be able to share with (a) anyone with the link, or (b) specific Airtable users with the link.

Equally useful would be the ability to share views with specific Airtable users and/or teams. Because we can’t link across bases, I have one large base that has a lot of information. When I share with other users, I often don’t need or want to share the entire base with them, but particular views. At the same time, the information is sensitive enough that I usually don’t want to share with just “anybody with the link”…that’s too promiscuous for me.


While I’m thinking of it, I want to add that Views are the key to Airtable. The more that can be done to enhance what users can do with views, the better. And at the top of the list is giving the users control over who can access which views (and what order the views are displayed in).

More granular permissioning with views is a good suggestion—I’ll pass it along to the team. Views are easily one of the most important features of Airtable (which is why we finally added support for reordering views)!

Hi Katherine,
Thanks a lot for your follow up and to Christopher_Bisset +Chris_Sanders for their inputs. Nothing else to add.
I’m already using the “short term” solution.


It would save us so much time to be able to send an individual record to whoever needs to only see that record. Will this type of feature be avail soon?

Hi @Katherine_Duh
Is this functionality still on the radar or (better yet) imminent?

I would like to jump in and add my vote for individual record sharing. My use case: we are using a CRM which we need to keep since it pops when the phone rings, gathers all emails etc. But Airtable would be much better at project management. I would like to be able to insert a URL of the specific Airtable record into the CRM record so the data shows up in the CRM record. Would then click into Airtable to edit if needed.

Mark Ryan

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And what about some sort of automation for the “email individual record” feature that would use an existing email in that particular record with a predefined message?

This would be useful, for example, to make sure that individual records have up to date information.

The ability to customize the email being sent would also be very nice.


It seems if you open a record with the image button, then your browser URL changes.
If you copy and paste this URL it works.
What’s more, the last part of the URL is the record id
Testing here, I’m able to just change the record id to ones pulled from the API and voila - api generated links to individual records

This only works for logged in users, takes the user to the specific view and opens that specific record. It doesn’t have any permissions as requested by OP

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Looking forward to having this functionality. I would be embedding the links in emails to clients.

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There’s another benefit worth considering. Right now if you try to drag and drop an airtable record on to a mural dot co mural, it gives a generic “Airtable” image and the SEO description of airtable. If you had sharable links to individual records, you could then paste that URL into a mural and it would paste the thumbnail of an attachment as well as a summary of the data. Of course, this would require that the meta data for the record’s webpage be set to the summary information of the record, but this is super simple. Been waiting for this for years! :wink:

What is the status on this? Would be great if we can share / embed an individual record :smiley:


It would help me so much. My client needs to keep customer informed about the status of their specific item. It would help so much to be able to send a link to the customer Item record and tell him “follow your item progress here”

agreed. looking for the same use case. If I have a link to that specific client’s airtable record, I would want to input data even in a form view to update fields / add new information