Get Timestamps of newly created rows

Hello all,

I am encountering the following problem when working with Airtable.

We are currently checking if and how we can set up a structure to access and interpret our data easily. To do that, we need to have data on when items are getting published to our Shopify. Of course, we also need retrospective data of all our items. Meaning we need to know at what time did we upload each item to Shopify.
Is there a way to access this data in some kind of way? Meaning is it possible to look up at what time each individual row/item id got created?
Ideally, we would know the exact day of upload for each ItemID. If we manage that, I can cross-reference that our remaining database and then start digging deeper into the problem.

I hope you understood my question/problem.

All the best

You could add a Created Time field, or add a Formula field using the CREATED_TIME() to get the day (and time if you wish) the record was made.

Thanks, I know of that possibility. My question was referring more to the possiblity of doing this in a retrospective way, meaning starting with this now and getting the dates for all the rows I initially published. But this might not be possible.

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