Get value from linked table based on input

I have table with pin code, city and state,
Have second table with contacts
In contact record, if I type pin code then how can I get city and state value filled in related field from linked table, IF function not works for me as pin codes are 26k records.

Like this:

  1. In your [Contacts] table, your {PinCode} field should be a linked-record field that links [Contacts] with the [PinCode] table.
  2. In [Contacts], define two lookup fields, {City} and {State}. These would be lookups based on the value in {PinCode} and reference the values in {PinCode::City} and {PinCode::State}, respectively. ('{PinCode::City}’ means ‘the value of the {City} field in the [PinCode] table.’)
  3. When you select the proper {PinCode} for your contact record, {Contacts::City} and {Contacts::State} will be populated automatically.
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Thank you very much for your reply, this solved my problem. Much appreciated. :+1: