Get values from next record in view?

I have a formula that needs data from the record beneath it in its view. The next record in the view could be arbitrary, so this formula should look for the record below the current record for the values it needs.

In a spreadsheet, this would be easy enough, just select which cell I’m targeting.

However, this is tricky because this is dependent on the view configuration. Switching to a different view or changing the sort order would change the value of the field.

Is there a way to do this?

The exact reason why this is not (directly) possible in Airtable is because

You could have a script that takes a record, finds its position in your selected View, then finds the record with that position+1, then either: inserts the relevant value into Record 1, or links Record 2 to Record 1 and uses a Lookup field to pull in the value.

If the bases for which the records in this View are sorted is something predictable and all new records get added to the bottom (not shuffled in), then you could set an Automation to link the penultimate record to the new record as soon as it gets added to that view.

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