Getting a list of records that belong to a group


Hey everyone,

As you can see by the screenshot, I am trying to create a field that lists every keyword in a particular group. My understanding of the Rollup function says this should work perfectly, but it’s returning JUST the name of the group (screenshot #2).

Any thoughts on how to create a field that lists all keywords within a group? This is to pass through Zapier, so if you have any ideas on how Zapier could simply do this itself, I’m all ears.


Getting a list of records within a group

For this to work the way you have it, you would have to link your ‘Group’ the reverse way from what you have now (so each Group Head would have all Group Members linked in the ‘Group’ column). Then the rollup will give you what you want I believe.

Not sure if that will mess up your grouped records view though…


Thanks Alex, and you are right but I think my desired outcome falls outside Airtable’s functionality at this time. Much appreciate your response.