Getting an error after following the Airtable Reminder Tutorial

I followed the Airtable tutorial on reminders to the letter: How to create a simple reminder – Airtable Support

However, I’m getting an error, it looks like perhaps my formula is failing, although I copied and pasted it from the guide.

Any ideas?

Hi @Greyson

The problem is exactly what the error says – Table does not contain any records that match the provided filters.. That is the table does not contain any records where the Trigger Reminder field contains the text “Trigger Reminder”.

To fix this, ensure that the date in the Reminder field is set such that the Trigger Reminder fields contains the text “Trigger Reminder”. E.g. change the date to something in the past like 2/20/2021 then the test should pass.


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Ah, of course, I should have realized that haha. Thank you Raminder :pray:

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