Getting ERROR in Calculated DATEADD Blank Records

I’m tracking properties that are on the market and haven’t sold. I can pull a data source which gives me “Days on Market” as a number. I can then use DATEADD() to subtract the num of days from the date entered 6/13/21 in this case, to get the start date of the listing.

But there are cases where I know a property is being sold, but I don’t have a date it first hit the market, so it results in an error.

Not sure if this will be a problem, but I tried to use an ISERROR formula but wasn’t able to get it working.

If you want to show a blank field instead of an error:

   {Days on Market},

Any reason I should have to error message set to anything? For example some properties I won’t know when they go to market (if they aren’t publicly listed). Trying to think ahead if it will affect any filtering/sorting process I use down the road where a blank value isn’t helpful.

Its not advised to have mixed-type fields, meaning a field meant for dates (like this one) should only show a date or a blank. As such I wouldn’t recommend adding a custom error message to this field, but you could use a separate formula field to display a message if you need it for filtering purposes.

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