Getting Grouped Data into one Cell



im currently trying to understand how to get data that is grouped in one table into a single cell in another table.

I have a date field where the same date appears multiple times. the view is grouped by this field. then there is a corresponding field in each line with names.

now i would like to get all names in one cell with the date only to appear once.

Table 1:
12.3.2019 - Paul
12.3.2019 - Hannes
12.3.2019 - Alex


Table 2:
12.3.2019 - Paul, Hannes, Alex

is that possible. i´m just not getting it right …

thanks a lot, cheers, arne



Using your example, assuming that each of the records for Paul, Hannes and Alex are all linked to the same record on Table 2, you can use Rollup Fields to get the results you’re looking for. This example base might help - I wasn’t sure of your specific use case so I left the record names pretty vague. The Field Descriptions will show you the formulas on Table 2.



Hi Neads!

thanks so much for the ultra fast response. this opened the knot in my head. i had to implement a conditional IF to get what i wanted though … problem was more complex than i descxribed - but the solution helped a lot!

thanks, cheers
have an “airy” day


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