Getting Individual Field/Column Data stored in an array?

Hi Folks,

This may Seem a bit silly but I’m trying to render just individual field information for a little project I’m working on. I can get all the fields and cells for all the fields to show in my block but I can’t break it down enough to get just a single field worth of data. Please take a look and see if you can help

Try looking into the filter JavaScript function.

Say you have a field named “MyField”. To only show that field you would need to add some code like:


@gwynn_kruger Thanks for the help, it was the filter function that I needed but you just had it in the wrong place. Going to keep playing with the filter function as I also need to just have one table at a time filtered through… The idea is hopefully I can use this data point as a data array for chartjs to update dynamically when user changes grid data in airtable… Having quite a bit of trouble with airtable compatibility to be completely honest.

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