Getting NaN and 0 and as the value for my formula(s), one of which does not compute


I am trying to make this formula for the difference between 2 columns of date data. My starting formula was ({Date 2}) - ({Date 1}) and I only came back with NaN and 0.

So, I changed my formula to DATETIME_DIFF({Date 1},{Date 2}, ‘days’)
DATETIME_DIFF({Date 1},TODAY(), ‘days’)
DATETIME_DIFF({Date 1},TODAY([Date 2}), ‘days’)

The last 3 formulas give back an error message for an incorrect formula. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your time and help!


The 3-set formula looks OK to me, ¿are you sure the date fields are outputting dates? What type of field are they?

Edit: the last formula has a [ instead of an (. Anyway TODAY() has no parameters, just outputs the current day date, so the formula is not valid.


Excuse me, the [ was a typo and should have been a { …

The columns in which the dates are located output dates, the field is date.

I actually just solved the problem. My final formula is

        DATETIME_DIFF({Date of newer date}, {Date of older date}, 'days')

and the final value is a positive number. Thanks for your help and for your time, it is highly appreciated!