Getting rid of the Automation pop up?


Any idea how to get rid of the Automations pop-up?

Automations - great! - but how of this annoying pop up???

Hi @Greg_F,

You can click continue, and then you should see an option to dismiss the tooltip (or ‘get started’). Hope that helps!

@Jason an X button would be great, or “Read later” - even being extremely enthusiastic about Airtable, there are moments when I really don’t have time to read it.

BTW - clicking on the “Continue” button does nothing.

Hm sorry about the @Greg_F , I’ll let our team know so they can take a look.

I am having this same problem with the pop-up persisting. “Continue” and “Back” do nothing. I even tried toggling the Automations and clicking around some to see if it would go away. I did not see any option to dismiss the tooltip or get started.

Restarting Chrome, logging out / logging back in also does not help.

Thanks for letting us know, and sorry again for the trouble! We’ve alerted our engineers and they’ll be working on this asap.

@Greg_F @Kim_B Could you try refreshing your browser again? Our engineers just pushed out a fix for this and refreshing should clear things up.

@Jason…YES! Thank you!

Great to hear @Kim_B!

@Jason the pop-up has disappeared. Thanks!

Seems like a major update with all new things coming along! super exciting!

@Greg_F Wonderful! Yes it looks like we had a minor hiccup there with everything else rolling out, but glad it’s all fixed. Thanks again for the early heads up!

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