Getting Values from 4 columns

Hi All,

Wanted to ask for help on how I can approach this.

I have 4 coulmns (A, B, C, D) - I want to check which columns are not empty.

Example, A has a value (Apple), B, C are empty, D has a value(Orange)

I have another column called Summary. I want to display columns that have value. In the example, I would like to display Apple, Orange.

Your help is appreciated.


To do this simply


Welcome back to the Airtable community!

There are multiple ways of doing this, especially getting the commas and spaces right. Here is my current favorite methods.

    IF({A}, {A} & ", "),
    IF({B}, {B} & ", "),
    IF({C}, {C} & ", "),
    IF({D}, {D})
  ", $",
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Thank you so much @kuovonne !!!

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