Gmail file attachment 'built in' - so how?

I’m trying to attach files from gmails into a base. This support page:

Suggests it’s built in but for the life of me I can;t find his function. Every search points to zapier which no longer works as google switched off it’s google/airtable/zapier integration. Any ideas where this built in function is configured?
Cheers and thx in advance

Hey there Neil, yes it’s built in. You need to select ATTACHMENT as your field type, then select Google Drive on the left after clicking the + attachment file.

True, but the Gmail button is 3 icons below that one… and it doesn’t seem to work anymore.

I wonder if that’s a bug or if they’ve disabled Gmail support altogether. I know that they disabled Gmail support for mobile.


Ohhh sorry, I didn’t read your question properly. Yes, that certainly seems to be producing an error for me too.

Seesm they have also disabled gmail thorugh zapier (unless it’s googel that’s doen this of course) - I’d hoped it was becuase there was now a built in solution but seems not.

Gmail is still available to me on Zapier as a choice for connecting with Airtable, and all the actions & triggers are still available to me for both Gmail & Airtable.

Thanks Scott, it works for me all through testing and set up but once I actually try to switch it on - it’s sorry, no way.

I would report it as a bug!

Also, try using Integromat’s Gmail integration instead of Zapier.

Integromat is superior to Zapier in every single way, including pricing (it’s free for most users!) AND in what you can do with Airtable (it monitors updated/changed records in Airtable, and much more that isn’t available in Zapier).

In my opinion, there is really no compelling reason to ever use Zapier, unless they have a connector that Integromat doesn’t have.

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