Gmail signature isn't shown when using a mailto URL with button fields

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I’m using a field button to open a gmail mailto URL. Everything is working well (I’m adding fields, subject, email and body) except the fact that gmail doesn’t add my signature by default as always. Is anyone facing the same problem?

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Hey Javi, did a quick Google of this and saw some people talking about how this is an ongoing issue with Gmail, and has been for the last couple of years

A workaround somebody suggested was straight up adding the signature via the mailto link itself which is pretty funny but seems like it worked

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Hi Adam, thanks for your support here. We can’t fight City Hall, so I will try adding the signature via the mailto link. I guess without text formatting and images :sweat_smile:

Ha yeah, sorry man. A dude mentioned something here that I quoted below on the off chance you didn’t already know about it

A workaround for this which could be used in conjunction with above answers:

  1. Compose new email, leave it totally blank
  2. Save the email as a canned response titled something like “SIG”
  3. When clicking a mailto link with a body description, you can go the the last line of the email and insert your SIG canned response to dump your signature in there.
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