Going from Free to Pro

I was added as a billable collaborator by another person. Her account says she has shared with me but my account still says free.

I need to be able to access the Pro version and the workspace we created.

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Did the other person add you to the workspace or to the individual base?

If the base shows up under “Bases shared with me”, you were added at the base level, not the workspace level.

In order to access the workspace (and all the bases in it), you need to be added to the workspace, not just the base. Then, the shared workspace should show up as another workspace for you.

I am showing up as a workspace (and billable) collaborator on the page for my colleague. Mine still says free but she has paid for both of us to be collaborators.

If the paid workspace does not appear in your account, I suggest you contact customer support. Any existing workspaces that you might have will not be affected by your colleague’s paid workspace.

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