Good Base Template for Long Term Big Project Management?

I’m curious if anyone has any base template they might recommend for a use case I have coming up:

I’m going to be opening an office, and I’m looking to track key objectives and goals along the next year+ leading up to that. Everything from rolling out new business processes, hiring new people, buying tons of equipment, negotiating a lease, etc etc etc.

This is something I previously did by the seat of my pants, so I’d like to move past that but I’m curious if there’s a base template that would fit well to start.

I sympathize with the situation, but not sure what to tell you. The bajillion Universe bases offer absolute variety if it’s building blocks you’re after, but the whole point of a tool like Airtable is to customize it to your needs, so it doesn’t matter where you start so long as you keep at it and you’ll have an impressive custom app or five tailored to your business needs before long.

If you want to fast-track deployment, the people over at the hire an expert section of the forums never sleep, if you can believe it. :sweat_smile:

I would considering hiring someone but part of my issue is I don’t even know where to start in a non-airtable sense. So it isn’t a matter of mapping an idea to airtable, which I can do, as much as learning on the fly what I’m doing more holistically.

But this does give me some ideas, so thanks!