Google analytics and social analytics on Airtable


We use Airtable for our content calendar. We want to start putting in the analytics data on the records. We use Google Analytics and co-schedule to broadcast our social media.

Has anyone found a way to bring this data in to Airtable without having to manually do it?


Zapier and Integromat both support integration with Google Analytics.


Thanks. I looked at zappier. I didn’t see any specific zaps for analytics and airtable, although I did see every other google product listed. I will give it a try. Will also check out Integromat.


There’s likely nothing pre-rolled for Airtable and Google Analytics — but I didn’t expect to find much ready to use, as, being totally unfamiliar with GA, I assumed any meaningful implementation would have to be highly customized. Maybe I was being too generous…

However, both services offer what we would have called, 20 years ago, an Airtable gateway and a Google Analytics gateway, which means >90% of the work of integrating one with the other has already been done. Give either or both a try — you’ll find it’s much easier to build an integration than you might think. (Personally, I think I like Integromat’s UI a little better than Zapier’s — and their subscription plans are more generous — but their documentation is severely lacking. [It doesn’t help any that Zapier boasts one of the strongest teams of technical marketing writers in the industry: They’re a tough act to follow.] Worse, Integromat recently locked all of their existing support forums, redirecting users to, of all things, their Facebook page…


Wow. Thanks for the context. That’s a tough choice then. The generous subscription plans sound nice but I’ll likely need the support. This also came up when searching for Zapier


Bumping this. Tried to setup integrations via Zapier without much luck.

Trigger: Daily Schedule > Run Google Analytics Campaign Report > Find Campaign in Airtable and update or create record.

Have yet to get it successfully execute. If anyone figures this out, please share!