Google calendar create events wrong time

Hello everyone, I work at an NGO and I’m trying to put together a booking system so people from a specific program can set up a meeting with someone from the team through a form.

I did everything, but I’m having problems with the Google Calendar automation. It works, but I don’t know why it creates the event two hours later from the time on the date field. I’m guessing this has to do with timezones? but I haven’t been able to figure it out :disappointed_relieved:
can someone help me ? Thank you!!

Hey !
I’ve the same problem here ! Have you found some solutions ?
Thanks in advance !

Guys, you just need to add the zone designator directly after the time. For example T13:00+04. It meens 13:00 in UTC+4. See the attached picture

If you already have the time in your Date and Time field, just add the time zone offset, something like this: Date and Time+04

Does this mean that I should add a time zone indicator of what the time is in Local(as the sended) or the destination of the participant?