Google Home Assistant commands with Airtable (via Zapper) - anybody got it working?

Zapier has now Google Home Assistant module. I was excited to see that as a potential replacement for IFTTT. It seems (at least in theory from how I see it), the Zapier workflow should allow to tell a command (in your phone or google speaker etc), Google Assistant will ask for the record I want to look up (e.g. by by number) and then update the field in the record using the voice.

That’s how I see it. Wouldn’t this be amazing?

Flow is setup and configured all green and good but if I tell Google the command, the flow doesn’t get triggered.

I know it’s not issue with Google Assistant because my IFTTT flows still work.

So it’s maybe Zapier flow still doesn’t work. It’s in Beta. Or has anybody get it working? What’s your experience?

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