Google Maps Block API Quota Exeeded


Hello. I recently upgraded our Airtable to the Pro plan to be able to use the integrated Blocks, specifically the Google Maps Block. We have 4,000 records or so in our table, each with an address that we need to get Geocoded so it can be plotted on the map. I know that Google has a 2,500 record a day limit before you have to pay so I just created a test table where I tried out 5-10 records and even still I am getting an “API quota exceeded” error. Any idea why? Am I trying to add this block in incorrectly? Thanks in advance!


I also faced this issue and been searching for some help and insights but no luck. Help will be appreciated.



Hi, please email so we can investigate. We’ll likely need your Google API key to diagnose the issue.

Thank you!


Thanks @Kasra. I already had emailed support this morning :slight_smile: hope to hear back from someone soon! Thanks!